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From Demetrios Kyriakis <demetrios.kyria...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Project status and perception
Date Sun, 10 May 2009 13:55:05 GMT
 > haven't seen any movement there in months, years... why
> not work on that other well-supported project instead?' Or to paraphrase 
> the well known quote - "contributors contribute to those projects who 
> help themselves"...
> ...is it just me?
No, it's not just you.
To me this project looks quite abandoned, and to express it more 
plastically , it's "movements" are of a "chicken without a head" , and 
it doesn't have much until it's over either.

One could say that this shouldn't be such a big problem, since it's open 
source, (there's source code and stuff), right?
Well for me it is, and mainly because it's too complicated for me to be 
able to be useful somehow, or "fix it myself".

This is why I switched most of my email server installations to JES:

An extremely simple (one could say quite primitive cause it doesn't do 
too much) mail server that seem to just work.
It has even a few things 2.3.1 does not have (or are not simple to setup):
  - setup in a few minutes even by a non-developer
  - very small - only a few KB (also consumes few resources)
  - multi-domain support out of the box (just enumerate them)
  - settings changes on the fly (without restarting the server)

The biggest advantage for me however is that it is *very* small and 
"non-abstract" so I can quickly understand it and "fix it myself".
The loading tests I've made also shown me that it can handle without 
problems what most small and medium companies need.

Of course, I'm still hoping that JAMES would take off, but with each day 
it looks less and less probable :(.


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