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From Danny Angus <danny.an...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Fundamental Flaws
Date Tue, 17 Nov 2009 10:04:36 GMT

> My next statement will certainly raise some flags of concern however I am
> hoping you will hear me out

Oh we're very sensitive to the nuances of language here, we have a
multi-lingual team and have learned the hard way not to make to many
assumptions about the difference between a words common usage and its
real meaning!

> There are frameworks and the like that deal with these issues but I have
> come to believe the problem is with component design itself.

We do struggle with component design, but more because purity of
design is hard to implement in a code base that has adopted, and
rejected, a number of approaches over the years.

> Anyhow, here goes. Any component that contains any sort of logging code is
> flawed.

Agreed, but remember that James did this before it was possibel to be
agnostic about logging and you're probably the first guy who has had
such a beef with it!

> I  have an approach that addresses these issues and if this is the
> appropriate forum I will send another post containing some commentary on how
> to do something about it.

Indeed it is the right forum, post away. But remember that the problem
is the effort not the ideas, so also feel free to submit patches.

> I think it is the right forum as I actually use
> James as a business tool so I am also expressing things I would like to see
> as a user too. At present I don't think I have any code that is useful and I
> will continue to use James as I am at present. I do believe however that I
> can contribute some ideas and documentation.

Documentation is *always* more than welcome!


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