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From Stefano Bagnara <apa...@bago.org>
Subject Re: How to configure the Websphere Business Event with apache-james
Date Fri, 13 Nov 2009 09:40:32 GMT
2009/11/13 limincn <limincn@hotmail.com>:
> No, I am sure I have not use "****".
> I have tried the following mail address.
> 1. abc@cn.ibm.com
> 2. <abc@cn.ibm.com>
> 3. "ABC" <abc@cn.ibm.com>
> 4. "abc@cn.ibm.com"
> all of them are wrong. the error log is same.
> but according to the Websphere Business Event Help the 1 and 3 above should
> be right.
> If you think my answer is not suficient, could you tell me dou you think
> which type of mail address will be right.

THe first address is correct, but you probably are looking to the wrong stuff.
The problem is in the parameter that Websphere is passing to the "MAIL
FROM:" command.
There is a syntax error in the MAIL FROM command.
If you are not able to determine what Websphere is passing in this
command you can enable debug logging for the smtpserver in james:

      <category name="smtpserver" log-level="DEBUG">
        <log-target id-ref="smtpserver-target"/>
Just change the log-level to DEBUG.

Then restart and look at <jamesfolder>/apps/james/logs/smtpserver-YYYY-MM*.log


PS: as I told you before the right list is server-dev. So I reply
there and to you. Let's stop using general@j.a.o for something it's
not about. Subscribe to server-dev if you want answers.

> Stefano Bagnara-2 wrote:
>>> but when I want to use apache-james in the Websphere Business Event, the
>>> mail can not be sent normally neither using ****@cn.ibm.com or using
>>> <****@cn.ibm.com>.
>>> error log is:
>>> Mail reply: (****@cn.ibm.com) 501 5.1.7 Syntax error in MAIL command
>> The error say you have a syntax error in the email address.
>> You obfuscated the email with "****" so it's hard to say if it was a
>> correct address or not.
>> But note that the syntax error is not in the recipient address, but
>> the sender address (MAIL is the command used to send the FROM: email).
>> Stefano
>> PS: use server-user@j.a.o list for this kind of questions.

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