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From Norman Maurer <nor...@apache.org>
Subject MailRepository and MailboxManager
Date Wed, 20 Jan 2010 11:38:09 GMT
Hi all,

after I already brought this up some time in the past I thought a bit
more about MailRepository and MailboxManager. I'm still in favor to
just use one Repository for IMAP and POP3. I think its a no go to ship
different "storages" for the protocols. I know the requirement for
POP3 and IMAP are totally different but shouldn't it be possible to
write some adapter which will just expose the Mails via the
MailRepository interface but use an underlying MailboxManager to fetch
it ?

So when an User would use IMAP he would get all he features of
MailboxManager, if he use POP3 he will just see the emails in the
Folder INBOX. Thats exactly how many unix mailserver do it. Like
Dovecot, Courier etc. So it can't be the worst idea =P

Then we could mark the old implementations with "@deprecated" and
remove them later, or beeing more radical remove them now.
Mailmigration could just work with the RemoteManager and "movemails"


I think I remember Robert didn'T like the idea to much in the past..


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