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From Tim-Christian Mundt <...@tim-erwin.de>
Subject Re: James IMAP and Alfresco and refactoring
Date Wed, 05 May 2010 08:14:45 GMT

> Alfresco's JCR implementation only allows one session per thread.
I think Alfresco stores the session stuff in a Thread Local variable (at 
least using web services), so there can be only one active session at a 
time per thread. However, what does prevent you from simply creating a 
new one overriding the old (which is then lost of course)? Does it throw 
an exception? On the other hand:
> 2) And is there a good reason not to change James IMAP's JCR implementation to re-use
JCR sessions rather than create new ones for a given client?
Sessions contain transactions, so if one mailbox is accessed from 
several clients simultaneously, we need one session for each client. 
Using the global mailbox/manager there is definitely a need for creating 
several sessions, unless I'm mistaken. Each IMAP request needs its own 
transaction, hence sessions cannot be shared.
Within one single request I think we don't need several sessions. The 
JCR sessions should simply be stored in the James sessions. So 
"getSession" in Mailbox and MailboxManager would need to be slightly 
> Would it be worth discussing where James IMAP is going in the near-term and whether we
should coordinate.
You are totally right. I'd be glad if we could find a good design for 
IMAP and implement it as soon as possible, not least because my maildir 
implementation will be affected by this process. I'd like to build on a 
relatively stable structure. That would, by the way, be my only 
objection to releasing James too soon. First we should stabilize the 
IMAP stuff.


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