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From Eric I. <e...@linuxbox.com>
Subject Re: James IMAP and Alfresco and refactoring
Date Thu, 06 May 2010 18:21:12 GMT
Tim-Christian Mundt <dev <at> tim-erwin.de> writes:
> > Alfresco's JCR implementation only allows one session per thread.
> I think Alfresco stores the session stuff in a Thread Local variable (at 
> least using web services), so there can be only one active session at a 
> time per thread. However, what does prevent you from simply creating a 
> new one overriding the old (which is then lost of course)? Does it throw 
> an exception? 

Yes, it does throw an exception -- 

javax.jcr.RepositoryException: Only one active session is allowed per thread.
	at org.apache.james.imap.jcr.JCRMailboxManager.doCreate

> On the other hand:
> > 2) And is there a good reason not to change James IMAP's JCR implementation
to re-use JCR sessions rather
> than create new ones for a given client?
> >   
> Sessions contain transactions, so if one mailbox is accessed from 
> several clients simultaneously, we need one session for each client. 
> Using the global mailbox/manager there is definitely a need for creating 
> several sessions, unless I'm mistaken. Each IMAP request needs its own 
> transaction, hence sessions cannot be shared.
> Within one single request I think we don't need several sessions. The 
> JCR sessions should simply be stored in the James sessions. So 
> "getSession" in Mailbox and MailboxManager would need to be slightly 
> adjusted.

So that makes sense -- a client can make multiple requests, each request gets
its own JCR session. Quickly scanning the current IMAP code it does not appear
that threads are spawned to handle various requests from a given client. In
other words, it appears as though a given client's requests are serialized. Is
that correct? If so, then I'd think that a session can be made at the start of a
request's processing, and then .logout() can be called on the JCR session to
release it. The same thread would get a new JCR session when it processes the
next request.


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