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From Tim-Christian Mundt <...@tim-erwin.de>
Subject Re: [IMAP] Cut a milestone ?
Date Wed, 16 Jun 2010 22:58:13 GMT
Hey Eric,

> For example, with Derby, the schema is create with 
Why's that? Wouldn't GENERATED BY DEFAULT solve this problem so we could
happily use autoincrements?

> We could also define a key-generation-table per table, but I find this 
> overkill.
I agree, that's too much.

> I would tend to think to leave it like it is.
If you consider the issue above really serious, than lets keep it. On
the other hand: nobody would use derby in production, right? Do similar
problems exist with other databases?

> For the direct @OneToMany, we have issues when implemented in James even 
> if this samples show that it should be correct. Strange...
On my side something in my dummy project is just odd. Can't get this
running at all. JPA seems to be a bit delicate?

> You said "JPA 2.0 defines a way to define the association only in the 
> parent (*Message)": Can you send me a working sample?
As said: I can't really get it working here. I've seen it on this site:
The @JoinColumn is put on the other side using "referencedColumnName".

> One more point is the sql generated. The logs show jpql, and not sql.
> Do you know if it's possible to view the sql in the logs (I didn't find 
> a way).
No, idea, sorry. I'm happy with jpql :)

> If not possible, can you log on the database (mysql I think you use)?
MySQL provides logs for all operations, yes.

I noticed a small issue with your patch: You have to use "message_id"
instead of "id" for the name of the @JoinColumn.

Lets ask on the OpenJPA ML how to make OpenJPA use the relationship.
Maybe they can even have a look at our concrete issue with James. Will
you ask? Should I?


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