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From Tim-Christian Mundt <...@tim-erwin.de>
Subject Re: [IMAP] Cut a milestone ?
Date Wed, 16 Jun 2010 06:37:15 GMT
Hi Eric,

> You will find attached (removed from ml, so bcc to you):
seems like attachments are not stripped via ML, both emails here have 
the patch attached.
> I have to define the OneToMany on the concrete class (the JPAMessage).
Yes, that's what I tried then. If this is done without changing 
JPAHeader/JPAProperty it should be ok, right?
> I spent hours trying to solve this without success.
I can see that from the time you sent this mail... oh boy, that's 
> One more point: for the insert to work, you need to add <property 
> name="openjpa.InverseManager" value="true"/> in persistence.xml (not 
> in the patch)
Is this still standard JPA? Just asking because if so, why would we need 
an extra option?
> Currently, the patch still gives issues when reading mails (null 
> pointer on the properties list).
Apparently, although the tables are created they are not used. Weird.
> Even if we solve these last points, we will remain with another issue...
> Indeed, in the sample, the type of the MayToOne needs to be a concrete 
> class, otherwise openjpa complains.
> This means that you would be obliged in the Property to link to 
> JPAMessage or JPAStreamingMessage. You can't link to AbstractJPAMessage.
JPA 2.0 defines a way to define the association only in the parent 
(*Message). Then that would be ok. Although it's still strange that it 
works in your tests but not in James (also not for me).
> About the pk creation, I will reply a bit later.
I reconsidered this issue and I think we should switch to 
"Strategy.IDENTITY" => autoincrement because that would allow other 
systems and implementations to work with this database without messing 
with the sequence table. Moreover, it's faster.

Thanks for the files. Will check them out tonight.


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