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From Ian Boston <...@tfd.co.uk>
Subject Re: Module redesign / relayout
Date Fri, 11 Jun 2010 19:19:57 GMT
>> Hmm, I wonder if its possible to make native OSGi use JSR250 annotations to construct
components. If I wanted to use some other form of IoC construction I was expecting to have
to create my own, but the jars would at least provide the package export, even if it didn't
register James service implementations.
> You are the osgi guru ;). If we could use JSR250 with osgi this would
> even preferable ..

I will go an do some research and get back.

>>> About 4,5 bundles im not sure.. I think we would  at least this
>>> bundles (I only list bundles which are components:
>>> * smtpserver
>>> * remotemanager
>>> * pop3server
>>> * imapserver
>>> * dnserver
>>> * domainlist
>>> * user
>>> * virtualusertable
>>> * management
>>> * spoolmanager
>>> I hope I not missed something. I'm currently not 100 % sure howto
>>> handle different service implementations. We have for example often a
>>> db and one file implementation of the same service. So I guess I would
>>> need to have a bundle for each right ?
>> yes
> Hmm, I guess this would end up with a lot of small bundles. Not sure
> if I like the idea of have so many maven modules around..

agreed, too many classloaders eventually eat all the perm space, so if possible aggregating
down to a core set that is common to all "servers" with separate bundles for the types of
persistence plugins, absolute minimum if there was one of the servers that did not depend
on any of the others would be 3. server, core, store impl.

I dont know if that is possible, certainly desirable.


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