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From Francois-Denis Gonthier <fdgonth...@revolutionlinux.com>
Subject Re: Confused by UID vs message number in James IMAP
Date Sun, 12 Sep 2010 18:26:38 GMT
Hello Norman,

> >
> > This difficulty has been compounded by the fact that I have found
> > difficult to find the right way to inform the processor that a new
> > message was created.
> Why this ? I mean this should get handled via the MailboxListener
> stuff. Can you give me some more informations about your problems ?

It just took me a while to figure that part out because it's hidden inside the hierarchy of
. I think I have it figured out though.

> >
> > In my opinion, the UidToMsnConverter is a mistake. Caching UIDs
> > should be left as an exercice to the store implementor if they want
> > it, or be provided as an optional service. This layers has made
> > debugging difficult for me. The getMsn method returning -1 has also
> > masked some problem from my view while debugging, problem which were
> > only found by observing the client IMAP trace and debugging the IMAP
> > processor.
> Well the "caching" is mostly done to make sure the UID to MSN mapping
> will be correct while have the mailbox selected. Not sure how you
> would handle this otherwise..

I had neglected paying attention to the "Message Sequence Number Message Attribute" in the
IMAP standard. Now that I understand UidToMsnConverter is really about that, I need to check
my stuff again with that new information in mind.

The high level view of my problem happens at the arrival of a new message inside a selected
mailbox. The IMAP client asks for message UIDs which are not known by my store. The UID it
asks could not possibly have been generated by me as far as I know. I first though this discrepancy
was due to a intermediate layer that I did not fully understand, but I might have been mistaken
by a long day of debugging.

Now, I still think getMsn returning -1 is a problem. If the processor asks for a mail which
the UidToMsnConverter doesn't know, it returns -1 and that number happens to be sent down
the wire in a FETCH response. This confuses the IMAP client which usually disconnects from
the server. If you don't happen to have a verbose IMAP trace running, the problem might be
totally invisible by the client. I would prefer a big fat exception be thrown on unknown message
than this.


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