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From Eric Charles <e...@apache.org>
Subject Re: James 2.x web site
Date Wed, 27 Oct 2010 06:48:33 GMT
Hi All,

- Server V2 and Server V3 sounds really good. I will also create new 
directories to contains those sites so the menu of other sites are still 
valid when going from 3M1 to 3M2 to 3beta1,... "server3" will represent 
the current v3 and other web subsites menus will point to it.

- Sure,  stable is 2.3.2: will simply invite early-adaptors to download, 
test and feeback 3M1

- So what do we do with nightly dir (it was +1, but I don't know if it 
was for option 1 or 2 ?):
1. remove links from menu and also its content so no one can download it.
2. Add it in all menus (aside the hudson and maven snapshot) and 
(re)activate the process that  automatically update the dir.
If it's easy to activate the automatic update, I would like option 2 
because to download from hudson or maven, you need to know which 
artifact to download (not easy at first sight). If users has only one 
zip in the dir, it's much easier for him.
If it's not easy to automatically feed the dir, option 1 is good also.



On 26/10/2010 13:17, Norman Maurer wrote:
> 2010/10/26 Stefano Bagnara<apache@bago.org>:
>> 2010/10/26 Eric Charles<eric@apache.org>:
>>> I would like to propose a new menu
>>>     Sever 3.0
>>>     Server 2.3.2
>>>     Archive
>>> ... and move the Server 2.3.1, 2.3.0, 2.2.0 to the Archive page.
>>> The 2.3.2 would need to get regenerated and republished.
>> +1, maybe "Server v3" and "Server v2" are more general for a menu name
>> that we have in every page, otherwise at every subrelease we have to
>> recreate the whole site, but take this only as an hint (you seems to
>> understand the implication so I'm fine your choices).
> +1 to Stefano's suggestion
>>> If ok with this, there is 3 actions:
>>> - Republish 2.3.2: I tried to build the site, but it fails to download the
>>> needed dependency. I will retry from another internet connection.
>> ok. Maybe 2.3 needs maven 2 because maven 3 deprecated/removed some
>> stuff we used in 2.3 (local repository in the stage module and the
>> legacy repository style).
>>> - In the index pages, push users to download and try 3.0-M1 rather than the
>>> stable 2.3.2.
>> I would prefer to keep pushing users to 2.3.2 for a while. 3.0-M1 is
>> still too new to push it to everyday users. 2.3.2 instead is proven
>> stable. So, let's start linking 3.0 for early adopters and testers,
>> but don't "push" it too much before the GA release.
> +1 to Stefano's suggestion
>>> - Automatically update the nightly dir. if needed, cause we already have two
>>> places to download the snapshots; hudson and maven snaphot repo.
>> +1
> +1
>> Stefano
> Bye,
> Norman
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