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From Norman Maurer <nor...@apache.org>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] MailServer interface make sense / Move methods ?
Date Wed, 15 Dec 2010 12:38:28 GMT
Hi Stefano,

thanks for the feedback.. Just some minor comments inline

2010/12/15 Stefano Bagnara <apache@bago.org>:
> 2010/12/14 Norman Maurer <norman@apache.org>:
>> Hi there,
>> after spending some thoughts about last optimization before the next
>> release, I stumpled again over the MailServer interface.
>> The Mailserver interface has corrently 5 methods listed. I think a few
>> of them should be moved and a few should get removed at all. Let me
>> propose the following changes:
>> * MailServer.getId();
>>    This method is only used by MailImpl to generate a new Mail name.
>> I think there are two things which would make sense...
>>    1) Remove the method from the interface and just move the Id
>> generation code to MailImpl. In fact its only some kind of UUID and
>> long combination
>>    2) Create a new Interface called MailNameGenerator with the method
>> createName() which will generate a new name to use in the Mail.
>>     I think I would prefer 1.
> I agree.
>> * MailServer.supportVirtualHosting();
>>   This method returns true if the server supports virtualhosting.
>> Which in fact means that the users must be added with an
>> "@domainpart". So your users would look like: user1@domain1,
>> user2@domain2 etc.
>>   So I think it would make more sense to move the method to
>> UsersRepository interface. By default it would return false
> What about moving to virtual hosting as the default (and maybe the ONLY) option?
> When you setup a mailserver you have a domain, I think it is easier to
> understand for newbies if they create users with their full email
> address instead of using simple "usernames" and receive email for that
> username on each configured domain.

I thought about this too.. I'm just not sure if thats really the think
todo. For example in qmail and postfix you don't have virtualhosting
enabled by default. So I thought follow this princip make sense..

>> * MailServer.getDefaultDomain();
>>  Return the default domain which will get used if an email is
>> delivered to an user via smtp and no domainpart was given. As this is
>> clearly about domains I would suggest to move it to DomainList
>> interface
> Make sense.
>> * MailServer.getHelloName();
>>  Return the default hello name which will be used if no other is
>> configured for the service. I would just remove this method at all and
>> fallback to dnsservice.getLocalHost() by default if no hello name is
>> configured for the service.
> I agree. THe hello name should be configured in the specific service,
> doens't make sense to configure it in MailServer (it is not useful
> there).
>> * MailServer.getPostMaster():
>>  Is only used by MailetContext.getPostMaster()  as a wrapped call. So
>> just remove it.
> +1
> Go ahead!
> Stefano


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