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From Norman Maurer <nor...@apache.org>
Subject [PROPOSAL] Remove UsersStore in favor of just allow one UsersRepository to use
Date Thu, 16 Dec 2010 06:47:52 GMT
Hi there,

as we are currently doing last changes in the API before the next
release I would like to get rid of the UsersStore interface and

Here some background:

In previous version of James Server we allowed to configure more then
one UsersRepository and lookup each by its unique name. We forced the
User/Dev to specify at least one UsersRepository which need to have
the name "LocalUsers". This one was used as the "default" which were
used to back all "local" users. Beside this you could configure a
second one and use it in some mailets. Anyway most of our code was
bound to use the "LocalUsers" one to check for valid user etc. So I
don't see much value to support more the one at the same time. It just
complicate stuff and needed some ugly hacks to get it workin all the

The only "service" which make really use of the UsersStore and so more
then one UsersRepository is the mailinglist stuff. But I think its
just plain wrong to use it here. The maillinglist use one
UsersRepository per mailinglist to store eachs users. Anyway using the
UsersRepository for this is just a misusage of a component, as it was
not really designed for that purpose. The mailinglist in fact only
need some kind of storage which map mail-addresses to the right list.
Nothing more.

So I propose to remove UsersStore and just use one UsersRepository.
For the mailinglist we have two options:

1) Remove the mailinglist stuff
2) Write some simple store for it.

I think 1 would be the fastest but maybe users still like to use it.
I'm in fact never did so I would be ok with removing it too.

So what others think about it ?


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