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From Felix Knecht <fe...@otego.com>
Subject CI and generation of technical reports site
Date Wed, 16 Mar 2011 00:14:37 GMT

There's a small issue when having a maven command like 'mvn clean 
install site' on the CI server: If there are failing test cases the site 
will never be generated and the surefire-report will never show failing 
test cases ...
Vice versa (mvn clean site install) will work for the report generation, 
but the install will never be run and failing test cases are only 
visible in the surefire report but are not indicated by a mail to the 
dev list 'Build failed in Jenkins...'.

I suggest to have 2 different jobs run: one for the technical reports 
site generation (mvn clean site -Psite-reports) and one for build of the 
artifacts (either mvn clean install or mvn clean deploy, I don't know 
which one is needed as I've found both in existing configurations).

I made a sample job setup for the jdkim project this very early morning 
(let's see if it runs). Build should fail, as there are failing test 
cases, but technical reports generation should work. Jobs are 
'jdkim-trunk' and 'jdkim-trunk-site'.

I'll setup up such *-site jobs for all the jobs building project trunks 
if ok.


Thanks and regards

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