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From Saibabu Vallurupalli <saibabu.vallurupa...@gmail.com>
Subject Need help with build / deployment
Date Mon, 11 Jul 2011 21:09:49 GMT
Hi All,

I am kind of stuck with build and deployment please help me with this.
To achieve Encryption/Decryption functionality I have to modify
JPAMessage.java file and add another file CustomJPAMessage.java. The fix I
made uses JASYPT Library as well.

The steps I followed are below:
In Eclipse I have checked-out the JPA project:
Opened JPA project in Eclipse as a JAVA project
Completed the modifications.
Opened command-prompt and ran the package command mvn clean package

Artifacts got generated with name: apache-james-mailbox-jpa-0.4-SNAPSHOT.jar
& apache-james-mailbox-jpa-0.4-SNAPSHOT-tests.jar

I took the back-up of existing
"apache-james-mailbox-jpa-0.2-M2-20110401.040755-51.jar" file and place the
"apache-james-mailbox-jpa-0.4-SNAPSHOT.jar" in my Apache James server
library path.

When i am trying to start James server it complains about missing classes.
"Caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException:

I compared the JAR file size and found the new one (67KB) is less than the
original one (74KB).

Any suggestions on making build and deployments? I have attached the
modified java files and pom.xml including JASYPT library to this email.


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