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From Ioan Eugen Stan <stan.ieu...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: great news
Date Sun, 31 Jul 2011 17:37:17 GMT
Hello everybody,

I'm back from vacation and ready to get some work done.

> Hi Ioan,
> First feedback's:
> - Build and test run fine.
> - Test take time, this is due to minicluster start/stopn, but I see luster
> is already launched with a @BeforeClass. maybe some tests could be grouped
> in a TestSuite, the TestSuite being responsible to launch the minicluster.
> this would need some

I will try to group them. I didn't do it because it works and it
wasn't a priority.

> - HBaseSubscription: don't throw NullPointerException, but
> IllegalArgumentException
> - HBaseSubscription: There's a TODO move all HBase related operations into
> it's own class. Do you mean you will move SUBSCRIPTION_CF, MARKER and toPut
> to another class? Indeed, now, you create the Put in HBaseSubscription and
> Delete in HBaseSubscriptionMapper.
> - Everywhere: when you open a HTable, you need to close() it in a finally
> block.
> - HBaseMailboxManager: I would get rid of useStreaming.
> - HBaseMailbox: UUID already ensure you some kind of unique id. This is a
> classical way to create a unique id in nosql.
> - I was confused with HBaseUtils.mailboxRowKey(HBaseMailbox). You are using
> it to transform the UUID and create the needed Put, Delete..., and when you
> recreate a HBaseMailbox, you use UUIDFromRowKey. I suppose you gain place
> using the Most and Least Significant Bits. Is this the goal ? If yes, you
> can document it in javadoc and even have a special class UUIDRowKeyConverter
> to make this conversion instead of having it in HBaseUtils. I would even
> split the public final constants in a separate interfaces and have the util
> methods in their own classes.

I agree that this will be more readable. I kept them like this because
they are small and kind of related. Another reason is that the code is
possible to evolve and things will get changed (even the UUID rowkey,
although unlikely). Once I finish with MessageMapper I will take care
of these as well. It should not be long.

> - You don't use the XML configuration previously parsed with jaxme? How are
> you going to inject the  HBaseMailboxSessionMapperFactory with its
> Configuration conf. This is classically done in James via Spring. You can
> try with mailbox-spring to be sure we've got a way to do it.
> When you will get futher in MessageManager, you will have to pay attention
> to spring wiring and mailbox integration tests, so still much work (the
> suggested 'pencils down' date being 16/8).
> Good work!

Thanks, also for the input, Eric. I will take care of everything. I
hope we can have a meeting to sort of the details.
I also found some other things to improve (use HTablePool instead of HTable).

The main problem that I am facing is how to stream messages to HBase
and back, taking into account big sized messages. I am thinking to
split the message in many parts and ship those parts individually in
each put, as we discussed. When retrieving the message I will use
batch operations
to get just a few columns at a time, so we don't run into memory

I hope things will be more clear once I understand better how messages
are stored and retrieved.


Ioan Eugen Stan

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