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From Eric Charles <e...@apache.org>
Subject Re: about the six failing tests
Date Wed, 24 Aug 2011 10:22:22 GMT
Hi Ioan,

I've updated my sources.

Trying to install the mailbox-hbase, I've got
testFlagsToPut(org.apache.james.mailbox.hbase.HBaseUtilsTest)  Time 
elapsed: 0.008 sec  <<< FAILURE!
         at org.junit.Assert.fail(Assert.java:74)

So I installed skipping tests.

Running the integration tests gives me the 6 errors on 

Running from eclipse shows [1]

Do we see any difference, or must we go to the bytes level?





Location: /org/apache/james/imap/scripts/FetchSimpleBodyStructure.test:206


Expected: '\* 3 FETCH \(BODY \("APPLICATION" "XHTML\+XML" \("e" 
"mc\*mc"\) "<477345345@example\.org>" "Homage to 70's TV" "7BIT" 183\) 
"<477345345@example\.org>" "Homage to 70's TV" "7BIT" 183 
"Q2hlY2sgSW50ZWdyaXR5IQ==" \("inline" \("foo" "bar" "one" "1" "param" 
"value"\)\) \("en" "en-US" "en-CA"\) 

Actual   : '* 3 FETCH (BODY ("APPLICATION" "XHTML+XML" ("e" "mc*mc") 
"<477345345@example.org>" "Homage to 70's TV" "7BIT" 183) BODYSTRUCTURE 
("APPLICATION" "XHTML+XML" ("e" "mc*mc") "<477345345@example.org>" 
"Homage to 70's TV" "7BIT" 183 "Q2hlY2sgSW50ZWdyaXR5IQ==" ("inline" 
("foo" "bar" "one" "1" "param" "value")) ("en-CA") 

On 23/08/11 19:44, Ioan Eugen Stan wrote:
> Hello,
> There are six tests that fail, all located in the FetchBodyStructure
> suite. I have isolated the first and put println's all over the code
> to find the source.
> If you look at the last lines, the differences in what the server
> sends back and what he should are that instead of en, en-US,en-CA, he
> sends back just en-CA.
> So I printed what I was reading from HBase via ChunkInputStream, and
> everything is ok (except for one extra byte at the end of the stream
> that I can't get rid of).
> I think the problem is with the server implementation of the body
> structure parser. It's strange that the other tests (JPA, JCR) pass.
> In order to proper read the file:
> - client requests begin with: 'client request'
> - after a client request, follow the method trace. I also printed some
> information about the parameters to see what is going on.
> - after the server gets all the information from the store, he checks
> the responses.
> - server responses begin with 'server response', and the following
> line is what he expects to get.
> I also print the byte array buffers written/read from HBase with
> ChunkInput/Output. They begin with 'chunk read' and 'chunk write'. I
> use Bytes.toStringBinary() for that.
> I also appended the test file so it will be easier to follow.
> p.s. Norman was right, the last bugs are the hardest.
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