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From Felix Knecht <fel...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Mailbox doc
Date Sun, 09 Oct 2011 09:28:33 GMT
Hi Eugen

Your right :-)

On 10/08/2011 09:18 PM, Ioan Eugen Stan wrote:
> Thanks, I am not familiar with the installation for the rest of the
> implementations, including guice. Maybe you can put in some words
> about them?
> For now, I am trying to make APIviz docs just for mailbox, and it
> seems that the pom hierarchy is very complex. I have a solution for
> standard javadoc:javadoc but that doesn't apply for site generation. I
> will try to find a way to configure the site generation javadoc plugin
> so all is ok.
> I did notice that the pom files need some clean-up and refactoring.
> For example, for javadoc-plugin there is a lot of duplicate
> configuration. I suggest we move a lot of the common configuration to
> PluginManagement and dependencyManagement sections in the parent pom
> and rely on inheritance to solve the rest of the issues.

IMO we could do this for all kind of reporting plugins, not only for the 
javadoc one. Most of are used in the maven-site-plugin anyway. This 
would mean, that parent pom (org.apache.james/james-project.pom) will be 
released quite often, e.g. when updating to the latest reporting plugin 
versions. I'm not aware, that we can change the version but keep the 
configuration in a child pom, but maybe anybody knows more about this.
Doing the configurations in the parent pom would make the child poms 

I wonder if we could not even merge the james-parent.pom and the 
james-project.pom into james-parent.pom? AFAICS james.project.pom would 
build legacy documentation for the server what is commented anyway. 
Doing so the project/project/src/site would need to be moved one level 
up as well (into james-parent.pom)

We could even clean up the directory tree and move the legacy server 2.x 
stuff into a branch or to attic or where ever and have the james-parent 
renamed to the real name 'james-parent' from 'james-project', containg 
only the parent pom including pluginManagement section (including 
configurations for plugins used be site generation such as javadoc, 
findbugs and others) and the stuff for general site src stuff which is 
located atm @project/project/src/site.



> What do you think?

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