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From Jochen Gazda <gazdahims...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: ACL Support - cont. from server-user
Date Fri, 06 Jan 2012 13:18:29 GMT

>> 8. Interpretation of ACLs:
>> To have ACL stored on every mailbox is far from being able to tell if
>> the given user can perform the given operation for the given
>> mailbox(es when copying/moving).
>> A new service responsible for resolving of ACLs is necessary. I
>> propose to call it MailboxACLResolver.
>> In which package should it be placed? Also in org.apache.james.mailbox?
>> Probably every single operation between IMAP and mailbox stores should
>> pass through this service. Where in the code should such a permission
>> enforcement be placed?
>> How should MailboxACLResolver be instantiated?
> Yeah mailbox api I thinkā€¦ It should be instanced once and get injected in the constructor.

Hmmm... I thought that MailboxACLResolver would offer a method like
the following:

  boolean hasRight(User user, Mailbox mailbox, Right right);

But org.apache.james.mailbox.store.mail.model.Mailbox is not visible
in in mailbox-store. Should I place MailboxACLResolver to
mailbox-store? Or I should rely on
org.apache.james.mailbox.MailboxPath rather than Mailbox itself?

> [MailboxACLResolver] should be instanced once and get injected in the constructor.

Which constructor? MessageManager or MailBoxManager or both?



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