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From Jochen Gazda <gazdahims...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Are flags implicitly shared in James mailboxes?
Date Thu, 09 Feb 2012 20:07:54 GMT

> as we store the flags with each message I guess we also would share all flags modifications.
Is this not allowed as per rfc ?

RFC 4314 "If the ACL server implements some flags as shared for a
mailbox..." implies that it is OK to share *some* flags and I was not
able to find any explicit statement that is illegal to share *all*
flags. So, if we share all flags, it is probably RFC compliant.

One more example how it is done by others:
Oracle Communications Suite can be configured either so that all flags
are shared or so that all flags are private:
> store.privatesharedfolders.shareflags	
> If disabled (0), users of a shared folder have their own set of flags
> (for example, seen, deleted, and so on) for messages in that folder.
> If enabled (1), a single set of flags is shared between all users of each shared folder.
See: https://wikis.oracle.com/display/CommSuite/Managing+Shared+Folders

> I didn't see either in the code the notion of R/RW flags, so we should conclude it's
not there at all.

READ-WRITE and READ-ONLY response codes are sent by James. The actual
value comes from StoreMessageManager.isWriteable(MailboxSession) which
returns always true. This is where I am going to intervene with my ACL

> I read RFC4314#5.2, but I'm not sure to get it right: is "shared multiuser access"
> mandatory to give access to another user to my mailbox, or is it an option. In
> other words is "shared multiuser access" synonym to "acl-based access" ?

I also had problems to digest that section. It says that "server [=
impementation] MAY allow "shared multiuser access" [...] if [...]
users have proper access rights. I believe it means that "shared
multiuser access" is synonymous to "acl-based access".

I propose that in the mapping of ACL to READ-WRITE and READ-ONLY
response codes I will use a new method
getSharedPermanentFlags(MailboxSession) in StoreMessageManager which
will just return this.getPermanentFlags(session), i.e all flags are
shared, in accordance with what Norman said. This solution will allow
us to make the sharedness of individual flags configurable later in
the future.



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