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From echo <echo...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [GSOC2012] Hupa evolution
Date Wed, 11 Apr 2012 15:48:22 GMT
Hi Manolo
Very glad to see your reply. The reason why I want to choose the 
gwt-platform was that it is more smoothly to update from current Hupa's 
state(gwt-presenter). However, I like the native one rather than gwtp 
since it will import the other resources. What I really want to do is to 
replace the MVP by gwt itself. I was just afraid whether I can complete 
the proposal before the deadline of GSoC, so I asked for you advices. If 
possible, I want to use the core mvp in gwt to realize it. Over these 
days, I have been researching the Hupa project and GWT technology and 
later on I want to show you something I am changing.
To the new features, I would like to implement as many features, that a 
current email client should have,  as possible not only during the GSoC 
period, but also after that. And I am also keeping my eyes open on the 
Hupa's JIRA, where some wonderful ideas come out gradually. Sure I will 
give my deeper discription after my researching. I don't think it will 
be late.
Thanks a lot :)

Wish you a happy

> Hi Echo
> I've been reading your application and it looks right to me.
> One thing I see is that you have selected gwt-platform instead of the
> core mvp in gwt but you don't say any reason about why you prefer the
> first option.
> Also I'd like a deeper description of how you pretend to face new
> features, I mean components, persistence, customization etc.
> Cheers
> - Manolo

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