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From Manuel Carrasco Moñino <man...@apache.org>
Subject Re: [GSoC2012] Feeback so far?
Date Wed, 04 Jul 2012 12:52:02 GMT
I've tested the app in gmail and it seems work although many things are
Related with your problems:
#1 I dont know why hupa-evo only works with the folder 'Inbox' which makes
fail demo mode which uses the name Mock-Inbox. If you replace Mock-Inbox by
Inbox in the url, the right panel is shown but it fails to show messages
because in the server the folder name is different. Try to fix it and work
with demo data  otherwise developing in gmail mode consumes a lot of time.
#2 Concurrence is there for a long, so disable the warnings and live with
it. It will be fixed when removing gwt-presenter and replacing it with gwt
#3 and #4 use singletone views and do not refresh them until the activity
has different data.

I see the code a bit messy, It is difficult to figure out which is new and
what is old/legacy, I think you could create a new namespace for all the
new stuff (for instance evo) and follow some conventions either: all
classes related with an activity in a folder (view, activity, place ...),
or all activities in its folder, etc.

looking forward to your next report.

- Manolo

On Tue, Jul 3, 2012 at 8:54 PM, echo <echowdx@gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi manolo
> *The Hupa-evo repo has been updated just now:*
> 1. Except contacts part and INBOX like part, which will be considered next,
> almost all of the activities and places have been completed and can be used
> by EXCPERT user because of more flaws.
> 2. The [MessageSendActivity]s share the MessageSendPlace("send" for URL),
> distinguished by their Type token. e.g.,
> http://hupa.demo/#send:NEWrepresents the place after that user
> clicking the New button, while
> http://hupa.demo/#send:FORWARD does forwarding mail.
> 3. Now the Hupa evo can only be tested through separate parts. For example,
>    - (1) Login
>    - (2) Left side, that is WestActivity, can display after Log into Hupa
>    evo by any correct GMAIL account. You can click any link button at left
>    side, and they will work well.
>    - (3) Only the INBOX messages list can display on the Main Display
>    Region.(other folders will be treated later with the same method like
>    INBOX). And you must click *Refresh* or pagination link(*Previous*,
> *Next
>    *, etc.) after clicking to select the INBOX folder.
>    - (4) In the messages list page, I have not tested functions by the mark
>    and search button. Click any mail can lead to the Single Message Detail
>    page and it can be replied and forwarded.
> *Currently, the main problems:*
> 1. Test with the GMAIL instance is a little time-consuming, but I can not
> use the DEMO MODE.
> 2. The concurrent problems occur almost every time.
> 3. The problem in above 3(3), I don't know why they will display after
> click the refresh or pagination link.
> 4. The left side(WestActivity) will reload every time you change to another
> place, but they need not change except their color. I try to use the
> CachingActivityMapper and FilteredActivityMapper to cope with, but not very
> optimistic.
> On Mon, Jul 2, 2012 at 7:18 PM, Manuel Carrasco Moñino <manolo@apache.org
> >wrote:
> > Ok Echo, so now that your connection problems have been fixed and until
> the
> > mid-term day, please report every day and commit your code every daty as
> > well (although it was broken),
> >
> > - Manolo
> >
> >
> --
> *echo*

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