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From Eric Charles <e...@apache.org>
Subject Re: new mailets directory structure
Date Fri, 30 Nov 2012 10:44:16 GMT
(see inline)

On 30/11/2012 10:27, Ioan Eugen Stan wrote:
> On Fri, Nov 30, 2012 at 8:29 AM, Eric Charles <eric@apache.org> wrote:
>> +1 on the idea to put mailets together, but yes, we need to take care to not
>> loose the tags/branches.
> Great! I can move them in place under james/mailets/trunk. There are
> no branches, just a few tags. I don't have a solution to tags so I
> expect some help. From what I know, they are shallow references to
> certain commits. Not sure if they will work if I move them under
> james/mailets/tags .

SVN folders in tags are simply a copy of another folder. You could call 
tag and branch 'foo' and 'bar', it would be the same. It's simply a 
naming conventions.

'svn mv ... ...' should do the work, although I have never moved 
tags/branches.  Double check with another src :)

>> I guess using a few carefull "svn mv fromUrl toUrl" can do the job (no need
>> for new commit/recommmit).
> Yep, thanks.
>> About the naming, I would love to have consisten naming. For now, we have
>> some mailet-aggregator, mailbox-project vs apache-crypto-mailets...
>> I (re)open here the door to another discussion which is the naming
>> conventions of our artifcats... Regarding the mailets, I would suggest at
>> least to name the new top pom "apache-mailets" to be more consistent with
>> the rest.
> Agree, I would also like to update the versioning schema and go with
> http://semver.org/ , which I think is also ok with regard to OSGi.
> I think I can do them over the weekend and go with a release sometimes
> next week with the new project structure, artifact names and versions.

Cool. Before committing, please post here your naming proposal so 
everyone has time to commment and review. Naming and structure are 
always sensible topics.

Also, if you decide to change naming/packages/versions..., please also 
add in you todo:
- The impact on the other James components (pom, src...).
- The impact on the documentation (download page, mailet sites..)

Thx again,


>> Thx, Eric
>> On 29/11/2012 23:39, Ioan Eugen Stan wrote:
>>> Hello devs,
>>> I wish to change the directory structure of the mailet project to be
>>> something similar to the mailbox project with all mailet components
>>> under the same roof.
>>> I think the current set-up is very bad for development since most of
>>> the components are linke together and should stay together.
>>> It should be very similar to the mailbox project structure where we
>>> have the api and implemnetations in the same folder.
>>> I made a quick mock-up that you can check out:
>>> https://github.com/ieugen/james-mailet-new
>>> It will also make git migration a lot easier since the whole project
>>> will require just one git repo, whereas in the current state we will
>>> need about 4.
>>> How should we do this with respect to the already available tags (a
>>> few). There are no branches. My Idea is to move the existing mailets
>>> project structure as a new commit under james/OLD and recommit all
>>> files with the new structure under james/mailets.
>>> What do you think?
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