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From Eric Charles <e...@apache.org>
Subject Re: work on mailets
Date Sun, 09 Dec 2012 06:40:42 GMT
On 08/12/2012 17:48, Ioan Eugen Stan wrote:
> Hello devs,
> I've done some work on mailets, and more is coming under MAILET-41 [1]
> but there are some things I would like to discuss.
> 1. I've noticed that the packages are named org.apache.james.mailet
> and I propose to change from "mailets" back to "mailet" in the
> artifact names.


> 2. Jenkins is down, Eric could you please grant me right to fix the
> mailets builds on Jenkins -- you're the one in charge according to [2]
> ?

Permissions granted.

Thre are a few mailet projects that you can delete in jenkings, keeping 
only one now (check that the remaining is not deactivated).

Gump has built fine.

On my laptop, I have
[ERROR] Failed to execute goal on project apache-mailets-standard: Could 
not resolve dependencies for project 
org.apache.james:apache-mailets-standard:bundle:1.2.0-SNAPSHOT: Could 
not find artifact 
org.apache.james:apache-mailets-base:jar:tests:1.2.0-SNAPSHOT in 
apache.snapshots (http://repository.apache.org/snapshots) -> [Help 1]

> 3. I would like to aggregate all mailet JIRA projects under MAILET
> project (see issue MAILET-44 [3]). Any thoughts on how to do this? I
> would go with moving the issues and deleting the projects or making
> them read-only.
> What are your thought on this?

If we move and delete, we move the previous reference (in th svn 
commits, in the mailing list threads...)

If we make them read-only, we are no more able to comment and close the 

I think both none of those options are acceptable.

Why not letting them open and trying to resolve all or a max of JIRA. 
Once this is done, we can make the projects READONLY and copy the few 
remaning ones to the new project.

If someone creates a JIRA in an old project, we simply have to close it 
asking to create it on the new one. Not perfect, but the new JIRA 
traffic is not so high...

Thx, Eric

> [1] https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/MAILET-41
> [2] http://wiki.apache.org/general/Jenkins
> [3] https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/MAILET-44

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