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From Emma Sesmero <emmasesm...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: My perosnal evaluation of your GSoC application
Date Thu, 09 May 2013 23:00:34 GMT
Hi Eugen,

I know this is not what you asked for, but I have been thinking if there is
any code I could provide you previously implemented by me. I have a web
application with the simple functionality of an online shop written in J2EE
in Google Code [1]. It is written in Spanish, because it was used for a
subject in the university, and it does not use Maven (I used it last summer
in an internship, but I cannot publish the code). Again, I am sorry, but I
do not have anything better to provide right now. As soon as I finish my
exams, I will implement the requested prototype.

Concerning your comments about accessing JMX, it cannot be read from the
client side using JavaScript. It might be possible with an applet, but
applets are not a modern solution for web applications. The idea is to
implement all the JMX access and configuration changes in the server side,
as Hupa is doing with SMTP and IMAP4. AJAX will be used to communicate with
the server, using preferably RequestFactory, although there are other
possible options in GWT, like RPC, or some standard solutions, like JSON or

If you need me to detail anything else or have any other comment, please,
let me know.



[1] https://code.google.com/p/lpi-tienda-online-emma/

2013/5/8 Emma Sesmero <emmasesmero@gmail.com>

> Hi Eugen,
> First of all, thank you for your comments.
> However, I am sorry to tell you that I have plenty of exams, projects and
> presentations to turn in for the next three weeks. I am trying to answer
> the rest of questions or requests that I have been asked, taking into
> account the comments to improve my proposal, but right now I cannot afford
> the time to implement what you are asking me.
> Sincerely,
> Emma
> 2013/5/8 Ioan Eugen Stan <stan.ieugen@gmail.com>
>> Hello Emma,
>> I'm Eugen, one of the committers for James. I took some time to
>> evaluate your applications and give you some feedback. These are my
>> limited opinions and are probably not the best so learn what you think
>> is good.
>> Regarding your proposal:
>> It's very well written, you took the time for it, but there are a few
>> notes I would like to highlight.
>> " James server is currently using Hupa as a Webmail client [5] ..
>> Hence, in order to be able to integrate this management console with
>> Hupa, the best approach will be to implement it in GWT. "
>> the User Role is different from that of the Admin Role. I can use
>> GMail but I can't change DNS settings, add users to GMail or see
>> performance metrics. Although Hupa should provide some _User specific_
>> configuration options, the Admin console should be separate from Hupa.
>> I think it's great you thought to integrate and reuse JMX. We will
>> have to improve the things we expose via JMX.
>> Could you provide us with a sample maven GWT application written by
>> you, that reads a JMX metric from a James instance and shows it into a
>> web page? You can upload it to your preferred code hosting service
>> (Github, code.google.com, etc.)
>> To achieve this you will need to:
>> - install James Server and enable JMX
>> - create a simple GWT App that reads the JMX values.
>> Most likely you won't be able to access JMX from JavaScript so you
>> will need to do it 'Server Side'.
>> I think you can get some hints watching [2]
>> _ The code doesn't have to be perfect, it's just to get a feel of your
>> level and to help you understand the task and James _
>> [1]
>> http://www.google-melange.com/gsoc/proposal/review/google/gsoc2013/emma/10001
>> [2]
>> http://www.google.com/intl/ro/events/io/2009/sessions/GoogleWebToolkitBestPractices.html
>> Regards,
>> --
>> Ioan Eugen Stan
>> 0720 898 747

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