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From Benoit Tellier <be...@minet.net>
Subject [PATCH] Improve Cassandra Mailbox implementation
Date Wed, 17 Dec 2014 18:40:17 GMT

I implemented several improvments for the Cassandra mailbox.

It includes :

 - A CassandraGroupMembershipResolver : a distributed Group Membership
resolver using Cassandra as a backend.

 - ACL support :
   - I overloaded the simplemailbox to store and retrie acl in cassandra
   - I stock those ACL in cassandra in JSon format, so there is an ACL
to JSOn converter using Jackson.

  - A distributed quota management system based on Cassandra. It have
the same architecture than what is done in the store for quota
management, including :
     - A CassandraPerUserQuotaManager : fix quota policies by user
     - A CassandraFixedQuotaManager : fix global quota policies
     - These are based on a CassandraListeningQuotaManager, so thats its
updated for all received e-mail.
     - All these classes uses a CassandraQuotaStorage class to work with
Cassandra, so that storage operations are centralised in a class.

You will find these improvments in the attached patch.

Sincerly yours,

Benoit Tellier

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