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From Benoit Tellier <btell...@linagora.com>
Subject Questions about rights to perform IMAP quota commands defined in RFC 2087
Date Wed, 21 Jan 2015 09:35:39 GMT
Hi ,

As said before, I was asked to add support for quotas in James. I am not
a fan of the existing matchers that have serious performance issues.

I also need to support IMAP commands defined in RFC 2087.

Were things gets a bit tricky, it is with the rights : I could not
manage to find a RFC that tells you who is allowed to perform SETQUOTA,
GETQUOTA and GETQUOTAROOT commands on which mailbox.

    For GETQUOTAROOT, I made the choice that the user should have the
read write on the mailbox.
    For GETQUOTA, I seems natural that the user should have the read
permission on one of the mailbox belonging to the quota root. I bond
quota root to be the user owning the mailbox...

So we come to my first question :

        How do I get all the mailboxes for a given user ? I gess I can
achive this threw MailboxManager::search() but I have troubles
understanding the way MailboxQuery works... I f you have any tips ...

    We have an application ( OBM ) that uses the SETQUOTA command. We
nowadays uses Cyrus, that allow an admin account to perform SETQUOTA
operations. My question is :

        Is there any ADMIN account in James ? Is their any way to
achieve the same thing ? Of course SETQUOTA should be possible threw JMX
( I already implemented that ), but we realy want to do that in a
standardized way using the SETQUOTA command.

Thank you very much,

Best regards,

Benoit Tellier

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