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From Torstein Tauno Svendsen <tors...@visena.com>
Subject Re: IMAP: multiple literal arguments not working?
Date Mon, 12 Oct 2015 08:40:59 GMT
On 09. okt. 2015 21:32, Torstein Tauno Svendsen wrote:
> Hi! I tried using James (3.0.0-beta5-SNAPSHOT) behind a perdition proxy
> (http://horms.net/projects/perdition/), and noted that this makes IMAP
> login-requests hang.
> Seems that when peridtion forwards the "LOGIN" request request it ends
> up sending something like:
> A LOGIN {3}
> foo {3}
> bar
> And this does not work with James - I see the expected "+" resonse after
> "LOGIN {3}", but there is no response to "foo {3}".
> Sending only the password as a literal  - i.e.
> "LOGIN foo {3}
> bar"
> works as expected .
> Is this a bug in James or a misfeature in perdition? Sending all the
> arguments like literals works fine with dovecot.

I tried digging into this - looks like there are two issues preventing 
this from working:

  1) AbstractNettyImapRequestLineReader uses a boolean ("retry") to 
determine if it should write continuation requests or not, so it can 
only support one literal argument

  2) ImapRequestFrameDecoder starts with "buffer.markReaderIndex()" and 
does a "buffer.resetReaderIndex()" to reset the reader index if it does 
not have enough data. But if a literal argument has been read, 
NettyImapRequestLineReader does this:

  InputStream in = new BoundedInputStream(new 
ChannelBufferInputStream(buffer), size);

And the ChannelBufferInputStream constructor ends up doing 
"buffer.markReaderIndex()", so the reader-index ImapRequestFrameDecoder 
should reset to has been overwritten.

Attaching a patch that seems to work for me.

Torstein Tauno Svendsen                torstein@visena.com
Seniorutvikler                              +47 932 95 901
Visena AS                           http://www.visena.com/

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