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From Matthieu Baechler <mbaech...@linagora.com>
Subject Re: AW: James / James JSieve dependency to Geronimo-Mail [unsigned]
Date Wed, 27 Jul 2016 14:46:23 GMT
Le 26/07/2016 à 09:54, Bernd Waibel a écrit :
> Hello Matthieu,
> correct, the james-server project does use javax.mail.
> But I am talking about the "Apache jsieve" project.
Yes, I know
> James:
> The pom.xml of james-server-mailets (james-project/server/mailet/mailets/pom.xml) does
have a dependency to apache-jsieve-mailet. Line 76.
> Also the pom.xml of james-server (james-project/server/pom.xml) does have a dependency
to apache-jsieve-mailet. Line 873.
> jSieve:
> The apache-jsieve-mailet (https://github.com/apache/james-jsieve/blob/master/mailet/pom.xml)
does define a dependency to: <artifactId>${javax.mail.artifactId}</artifactId>
> The parent of the mailet is "apache-jsieve" (https://github.com/apache/james-jsieve/blob/master/pom.xml),
which defines:
> 	<javax.mail.groupId>org.apache.geronimo.javamail</javax.mail.groupId>
> 	<javax.mail.artifactId>geronimo-javamail_1.4_mail</javax.mail.artifactId>
> So jSieve still uses geronimo.
> Is this correct?
Of course
> So when doing a maven build, you get a dependency to geronimo. Due to this fact, the
maven build will bundle the mail jar AND (!) the geronimo jar.
> This seems to be wrong. Just my opinion.
I agree
> The JSieve Project is a James project (http://james.apache.org/jsieve/index.html).
> So I kindly ask to manage the jSieve project, and switch from geronimo to java-mail.
> I could not provide a tested patch here, I do not use jSieve, and we do not have experience
with jSieve.
> What do you think?
> a) Should jsieve switch to geronimo?
> b) If yes, can you or someone else change and test this?
If you propose a PR, we'll test it and will do the merge.
> c) If no, do you want to use both java-mail implementations? Or should a copy process
remove the geronimo files from deployment?
Matthieu Baechler

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