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From Andrew Phillips <aphill...@qrmedia.com>
Subject Re: Reuse checkstyle configuration
Date Sat, 29 Jun 2013 19:58:00 GMT
TL;DR: I'm for option 2 ;-)

> This second approach has one limitation: The jclouds-resources.jar
> must be in the local maven repository, in order to let the modules get
> the checkstyle configuration. This means that the following command
> may not work because the jclouds-resources.jar will only be built but
> not installed to the local Maven repo.

Wouldn't you be able to get this dependency from the Apache snapshots  
repo (or Maven Central if you're trying to build a released version)?

Getting hold of a snapshot dependency without first installing it  
yourself is a problem all the labs repos have with jclouds-project  
(their new parent) anyway.

If we feel it's acceptable for them to get their *parent* dep from a  
published (rather than the local) repo, I think we should be OK with  
that approach for checkstyle too.

It's true that the leaves a small time window in which changes to the  
checkstyle will not be applied to labs PR builds (if the PR build  
triggers before the job for the main project updates the snapshots  
repo), but I think we can live with that?

Hopefully, changes to the checkstyle config will be infrequent enough  
that this won't be a big problem in practice. And in the worst case,  
we can always re-trigger PR builds manually if they ran "too early"  
and failed because they missed a checkstyle update.


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