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From Zack Shoylev <zack.shoy...@RACKSPACE.COM>
Subject RE: Improve jclouds site content
Date Fri, 03 Jan 2014 00:49:08 GMT
I kind of thought it was nice that all websites will look exactly the same in a few... months...
:) Easier to maintain!
From: Ignasi Barrera [ignasi.barrera@gmail.com]
Sent: Thursday, January 02, 2014 4:23 PM
To: user@jclouds.apache.org
Cc: <dev@jclouds.apache.org>
Subject: Re: Improve jclouds site content

I agree with all points, but I have to say I don't like Bootstrap. It is
just a matter of taste, but every time I land in a project page made with
Bootstrap my mind says "oh, yet another project without personality, or
without time/will to spend in its public face".

Of course that feeling disappears if there is a nice theme instead of the
default one :)

Count on me to help on this Everett!
El 02/01/2014 22:28, "Max Lincoln" <mlincoln@thoughtworks.com> escribió:

> Jekyll should work fine with Bootstrap.  I've used them together, but
> usually as part of Octopress instead of just standalone Jekyll.
> https://github.com/rackerlabs/devsite, for example, uses Octopress &
> Bootstrap.
> I've also been using Middleman (similar to Jekyll/Octopress - but I like
> it's plugins & templates) and Zurb Foundation (similar to Bootstrap)
> lately.  You might want to check those out.
> Middleman: http://middlemanapp.com/
> Middleman Directory (extensions & templates):
> http://directory.middlemanapp.com/
> Zurb Foundation: http://foundation.zurb.com/
> On Thu, Jan 2, 2014 at 2:52 PM, Everett Toews <everett.toews@rackspace.com
> > wrote:
>>  Hi Ignasi,
>>  Great idea. I think we can make the site more welcoming for newcomers
>> too. To do this right, we need a new design.
>>  I did a bit of research into other popular open project websites [*] to
>> see what we can learn from them. There seem to be some commonalities. I
>> believe these things helped contribute to their popularity. I'm not saying
>> jclouds needs each and every thing but whatever makes sense for us.
>>  1. Most sites start with a simple "[Whatever] is a blah blah blah" type
>> statement. This lets users know exactly what it is without have to click
>> through to anything.
>>  2. An eye catching top banner.
>>  3. A prominent link button to download or install.
>>   4. A prominent link/button for getting started.
>>  5. A simple code snippet.
>>  6. A short list of prominent customers/consumers/providers.
>>  7. Navigation as a top menu with the usual suspects. Essentially
>> whatever is important to that project. e.g. About, Documentation,
>> Download/Install, News, Community, etc.
>>  8. A video of the project in action.
>>  9. Search.
>>  They all seem to follow the design principles espoused by Bootstrap [1]
>> so I think we could make things much easier on ourselves by using it. I'm
>> not sure how well it will play with Jekyll but it's worth a try.
>>  I volunteer to do a proof of concept for Bootstrap. I think I could
>> have something to look at by the end of next week.
>>  Does anyone have any advice or would care to help?
>>  Thanks,
>> Everett
>>  [1] http://getbootstrap.com/
>>  [*]
>> Front end projects:
>> http://jquery.com/
>> http://lesscss.org/
>> http://d3js.org/
>>  Languages:
>> http://preview.python.org/
>> http://nodejs.org/
>> https://www.ruby-lang.org/
>> http://www.scala-lang.org/
>>  Frameworks:
>> http://phonegap.com/
>> http://cordova.apache.org/
>> http://shiro.apache.org/
>> http://akka.io/
>> http://www.playframework.com/
>>  Deployment:
>> http://puppetlabs.com/
>> http://www.getchef.com/
>> http://www.saltstack.com/
>>  On Jan 1, 2014, at 5:00 PM, Ignasi Barrera wrote:
>>  Hi jcloudies!
>> We've recently started a discussion about the contents in
>> http://jclouds.apache.org
>> It would be great if we could discuss the things to improve to make
>> the site better and make it easier for newcomers to approach jclouds.
>> Let's do some brainstorming and see what we can do!
>> My opinion is that the current content doesn't help people approaching
>> jclouds: documentation is hard to find, and there are many obsolete
>> pages.
>> IMO the site should have a simple landing page (as it has now), with
>> the following sections:
>> * Getting started: Should explain the concepts: contexts, providers,
>> apis, locations, but not many more. We should keep it simple. Also
>> should contain a few links to other topics such as compute/blobstore
>> description, logging, configuration and basic code examples. But
>> keeping everything simple, basic and short/concise. This is what 99%
>> of people approaching jclouds looks for, so let's put that in the
>> getting started page and keep it simple.
>> * Provider user guides: I like the current format. Just explain the
>> provider specific apis with examples
>> * Community: Links to the ML, Jira, etc.
>> * Blog.
>> I really think we should revisit and simplify the entire site. Remove
>> the obsolete documents and those too specific, and keep the site with
>> simple docs of common code that help understanding the core concepts
>> and how jclouds works. I'm sure that would help adoption?
>> WDYT? Any other vision of how the site should be? Can we coordinate
>> and start together a documentation effort?
>> Ignasi

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