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From Ignasi Barrera <ignasi.barr...@gmail.com>
Subject Improve jclouds site content
Date Wed, 01 Jan 2014 23:00:50 GMT
Hi jcloudies!

We've recently started a discussion about the contents in

It would be great if we could discuss the things to improve to make
the site better and make it easier for newcomers to approach jclouds.
Let's do some brainstorming and see what we can do!

My opinion is that the current content doesn't help people approaching
jclouds: documentation is hard to find, and there are many obsolete

IMO the site should have a simple landing page (as it has now), with
the following sections:

* Getting started: Should explain the concepts: contexts, providers,
apis, locations, but not many more. We should keep it simple. Also
should contain a few links to other topics such as compute/blobstore
description, logging, configuration and basic code examples. But
keeping everything simple, basic and short/concise. This is what 99%
of people approaching jclouds looks for, so let's put that in the
getting started page and keep it simple.
* Provider user guides: I like the current format. Just explain the
provider specific apis with examples
* Community: Links to the ML, Jira, etc.
* Blog.

I really think we should revisit and simplify the entire site. Remove
the obsolete documents and those too specific, and keep the site with
simple docs of common code that help understanding the core concepts
and how jclouds works. I'm sure that would help adoption?

WDYT? Any other vision of how the site should be? Can we coordinate
and start together a documentation effort?


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