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From Ignasi Barrera <notificati...@github.com>
Subject [jclouds-site] Migrated Thumblr blog to Jekyll (#47)
Date Wed, 01 Jan 2014 22:52:56 GMT
As discussed in the mailing list, I&#39;ve migrated the posts in http://jclouds.tumblr.com
to the Jekyll based jclouds-site.

This will allow us to add posts easily and have more control on them. Using Jekyll for the
blog will also allow us to write posts in a collaborative way: we could push [drafts](http://jekyllrb.com/docs/drafts/)
to a branch and work together in the posts.

**Note:** I&#39;ve migrated all posts and re-formatted them to Markdown. There are still
missing the links, I plan to add them, but I just opened the pull request to validate the
look and feel and if we are comfortable with this new blog.
You can merge this Pull Request by running:

  git pull https://github.com/nacx/jclouds-site blog

Or you can view, comment on it, or merge it online at:


-- Commit Summary --

  * Migrated Thumblr blog to Jekyll

-- File Changes --

    M _includes/menu.md (1)
    M _layouts/index.html (5)
    A _layouts/post.html (54)
    A _posts/tumblr/2009-05-11-jclouds-s3-beta-released.md (13)
    A _posts/tumblr/2009-05-13-catching-exceptions-with-less-keystrokes.md (37)
    A _posts/tumblr/2011-10-18-jclouds-1-2-released.md (25)
    A _posts/tumblr/2012-01-17-jclouds-training-and-jfokus-stockholm.md (16)
    A _posts/tumblr/2012-01-21-jclouds-1-3-released.md (43)
    A _posts/tumblr/2012-03-09-ec2-gets-rid-of-that-if-instancetype-is32bit.md (26)
    A _posts/tumblr/2012-03-23-take-a-peek-at-vcloud-director-1-5-openstack-and.md (48)
    A _posts/tumblr/2012-05-02-new-toys-in-1-5-0-alpha-6.md (54)
    A _posts/tumblr/2012-07-16-fluency-for-paginated-api-lists.md (54)
    A _posts/tumblr/2012-09-28-jclouds-1-5-is-out.md (14)
    A _posts/tumblr/2012-11-09-500-jclouds-builds-on-buildhive-and-counting.md (16)
    A _posts/tumblr/2012-11-17-jclouds-1-5-3-out-the-door.md (23)
    A _posts/tumblr/2012-12-12-jclouds-1-5-4-mistletoe-released.md (50)
    A _posts/tumblr/2013-04-28-jclouds-1-6-0-released.md (14)
    A _posts/tumblr/2013-05-13-jclouds-at-gluecon-2013.md (22)
    A blog/index.md (12)
    M style/style.css (2)

-- Patch Links --


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