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From Andrew Phillips <aphill...@qrmedia.com>
Subject Re: Wiki Updates
Date Thu, 24 Apr 2014 06:05:13 GMT
Quoting Jeremy Daggett <jeremy.daggett@RACKSPACE.COM>:

> I am in the process of adding a few new pages to the wiki, and would  
>  appreciate some feedback before pulling the trigger. Here is the  
> new  layout I propose for the front page of our wiki:
> * Architecture <- new top level bullet
>    * [[Core Concepts]] <- move “Core Concepts" to Architecture section
> * Code
>   * [[Coding Standards]] <- new page
>   * [[Best Practices]] <- new page
>   * [[Annotations]]
> * Tools <- move “Development Environment” to a top level bullet   
> called “Tools”
>     * [[Eclipse]] <-- new page
>     * [[IDEA]]
> * Road Map <- move up to top level bullet
> NOTE: the following top level bullets WILL NOT change:
> * Contribute
> * Release It!
> * Community
> Feedback appreciated, thanks!

I think the proposed structure makes sense, I'm just wondering about  
the "section headings" 'Code' and 'Tools'. How about e.g. 'Coding',  
'Development Guidelines' or 'Writing jclouds Code' for the former and  
the original 'Development Environment' or 'Your Development  
Environment' for the latter? Perhaps also 'Understanding jclouds' for  

I know they're a bit longer, but I think they may make it easier for  
the new reader to find what they're looking for?

Thanks for taking this on, Jeremy!


PS: A link from 'Tools' to the 'Logging' page on the main site would  
make sense, I think. As would a new page 'Running live tests'! We've  
had a couple of forum questions about this recently, and have "lost"  
the original page [1] as part of the site redesign.


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