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From Andrew Phillips <aphill...@qrmedia.com>
Subject Notes from a jclouds user chat with Sunil Shah
Date Fri, 12 Dec 2014 23:26:54 GMT
In the vein of collecting more user feedback, here some notes from a  
follow-up call to [1] with Sunil Shah, also from Mesosphere.

Notes below. The main take-aways for me:

1. Need to find out how many users need to work with patched versions  
of master rather than patched versions of a stable release. If this is  
common, we should try to figure out a way to identify what would need  
to be backported to prevent this situation.
2. We should try to improve the debugging experience around jclouds
3. We should try to be as conservative with runtime deps as possible

@Sunil: thanks for this, and please correct/amend where necessary!

@all: if you're aware of other jclouds end users who'd be interested
in similarly sharing their thoughts, please ping them!



[1] http://markmail.org/message/ecyq4ce5fc23fivx




* Working with code additions made on top of master, so need to use a
SNAPSHOT version.
* Heavy use of injection for functionality makes it very hard to
figure out what code is actually being run or where to make changes
* Not being forced to use a newer version of Guava by jclouds would be
very good


1. Better user-facing docs to demonstrate examples, preferably as code
samples in jclouds-examples (provider guide on the site not very
2. Clearer description of how to determine the minimal set of jclouds
deps required to achieve something. Currently just not clear whether
there simply isn't way too much unnecessary stuff being pulled in.

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