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From Andrew Phillips <aphill...@qrmedia.com>
Subject RE: [DISCUSS] What is the criteria for something to be in the jclouds/jclouds repo?
Date Thu, 18 Dec 2014 10:19:12 GMT
> I think that the peocedure (which I also consider unnecessary) is
> irrelevant for this discussion. Let's focus on the subject of the thread
> and elaborate on that.

To add to Ignasi's comment: the process for getting stuff into jclouds  
can certainly be improved, but unless and until we determine that *the  
number of PRs* really is the main issue (as opposed to review time,  
lack of examples/best practice guidance, or one of many other  
factors), I'd say that this is not the main thing we need to focus on  
optimizing right now.

To me, the component of this thread that talks about the *content* of  
what we are likely to accept into core seems to be far more critical.  
As Ignasi has said, I think focussing on cloud abstraction is both a  
good way of maintaining coherence for the project overall and giving  
guidance to potential contributors:

1) Does my proposed API/provider match one of the existing  
abstractions? If yes, I will need to implement that abstraction before  
I have a chance of going to core.
2) If not, I will need to start a discussion about what kind of  
abstraction my API/provider represents (including potentially other  
examples) before there is a chance of my API/provider making it to core.

As far as *which* kinds of abstraction jclouds should provide in order  
to remain relevant going forward: *that's* exactly where I think we  
need to move much more to actively (re-)engaging with our user base  
and getting their input.



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