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From Andrew Phillips <aphill...@qrmedia.com>
Subject Re: jclouds-cli problems
Date Mon, 06 Apr 2015 21:05:58 GMT
> classpath and there might be errors we can't control, I'd say we can
> safely catch a general Exception there and return an Absent value.

I'd agree with that, but the tricky thing here is that what is thrown  
isn't even an Exception, it's an Error. So we'd have to catch all  
Errors here (or just this specific one), which seems nastier.

I've been trying to see what happens if we add the other connector  
factory implementations to the jclouds-services feature in karaf.  
Unfortunately, it looks like that will require a change to  
jsch-agent-proxy itself, because currently it's stuck with a circular  
OSGi dep.

I'll open a PR to see what happens there.



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