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From "Allen, Ritchie" <Ritchie.Al...@warwick.ac.uk>
Subject Guice 4 support
Date Fri, 26 Jun 2015 08:55:54 GMT

I'm trying to use jClouds in a play 2.4 project but play uses Guice 4.0 which no longer allows
you to directly override @Provides methods. When I try to do this 


I get this: 

1) Overriding @Provides methods is not allowed.
	@Provides method: org.jclouds.logging.config.LoggingModule.createLoggerFactory()
	overridden by: org.jclouds.logging.jdk.config.JDKLoggingModule.createLoggerFactory()
  	at com.google.inject.internal.ProviderMethodsModule.getProviderMethods(ProviderMethodsModule.java:163)

It's a bit sad that the decision was made to make this a breaking change in Guice but it is
what it is. See: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/google-guice/bRo5SvmzpdI

It looks like there has already been a discussion about getting jClouds working with Guice
4: http://goo.gl/ydvuX9. 

The Rocoto dependency was removed by JCLOUDS-897 but the @Provides problem remains. If this
is something that people think is worth looking into I'm happy to raise a jira.


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