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From Andrea Turli <notificati...@github.com>
Subject Re: [jclouds/jclouds-labs] add support for whitelisting locations (#308)
Date Fri, 12 Aug 2016 07:37:23 GMT
> @@ -28,6 +30,7 @@ public static Properties defaultProperties(Properties properties) {
>         properties.put("oauth.credential", "password");
>         properties.put("oauth.endpoint", "https://login.microsoftonline.com/oauth2/token");
>         properties.put(CREDENTIAL_TYPE, CLIENT_CREDENTIALS_SECRET.toString());
> +       properties.put(PROPERTY_ZONES, "northeurope,eastus");

   CENTRAL_US("Central US", "US-IA"),
   EAST_US("East US", "US-VA"),
   EAST_US_2("East US 2", "US-VA"),
   US_GOV_IOWA("US Gov Iowa", "US-IA"),
   US_GOV_VIRGINIA("US Gov Virginia", "US-VA"),
   NORTH_CENTRAL_US("North Central US", "US-IL"),
   SOUTH_CENTRAL_US("South Central US", "US-TX"),
   WEST_US("West US", "US-CA"),
   NORTH_EUROPE("North Europe", "IE"),
   WEST_EUROPE("West Europe", "NL"),
   EAST_ASIA("East Asia", "HK"),
   SOUTH_EAST_ASIA("Southeast Asia", "SG"),
   JAPAN_EAST("Japan East", "JP-11"),
   JAPAN_WEST("Japan West", "JP-27"),
   BRAZIL_SOUTH("Brazil South", "BR"),
   AUSTRALIA_EAST("Australia East", "AU-NSW"),
   AUSTRALIA_SOUTH_EAST("Australia Southeast", "AU-VIC"),
   INDIA_CENTRAL("Central India", "IN-GA"),
   INDIA_SOUTH("South India", "IN-TN"),
   INDIA_WEST("West India", "IN-MH"),
   CHINA_EAST("China East", "CN-SH"),
   CHINA_NORTH("China North", "CN-BJ"),
   CANADA_CENTRAL("Canada Central", "CA-ON"),
   CANADA_EAST("Canada East", "CA-QC");

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