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From Iván Lomba <notificati...@github.com>
Subject Re: [jclouds/jclouds-site] Blog post: Arbitrary CPU and RAM supported in ComputeService (#184)
Date Fri, 19 Aug 2016 11:31:55 GMT
Thanks @demobox

Who is the intended target audience here: people who want to use these providers or people
who want to implement them? Or both? At the moment, we are mixing both types of information,
and if we want to do that I think we should focus on the "use arbitrary CPU and RAM" first,
since that's likely to be much more common.

The main intention of the post is to give a general idea of the new feature and future work,
specially how to use it, but also introducing how to extend it to other providers and commenting
next steps. To avoid mixing information, I will put first the user guide and below the developers

> When we demonstrate how to use it, is there some guidance we can give about which mechanism
(hardware ID vs. template builder) is preferred/recommended? Users generally find it easier
to be given one option, rather than multiple, especially if there isn't clear information
about when to choose which option.

I think maybe explain a little bit the two options(clarifying the implications of using the
hardwareId or "mins" option) can be better that only give a recommended one:

1. AutomaticId: the template builder checks if a hardware profile with exactly that
 hardwareId exist, if don't use the automatic.

2. Mins: the template builder checks if a hardware profile match with the provided minRam
and minCores, if not use the automatic.

> The example of some providers requiring disk info: is there any way for a user to know
that? Or do they have to try without and wait for an error message?

They have to try without know that.

> We introduce "hardware profiles" as terms quite early on without explaining them - are
we assuming they are sufficiently common that everyone (or, at least, all the likely readers)
will know what they are?

I think that a potential user of jclouds will understand it, but I can introduce the hardware
profiles if you think that is necessary.

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