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From "William L. Thomson Jr." <notificati...@github.com>
Subject Re: [jclouds/jclouds] org/jclouds/scriptbuilder/functionloader/osgi/BundleFunctionLoader.java: (#1033)
Date Thu, 03 Nov 2016 15:22:25 GMT
Double checked with OSGi 4.3.1 and same issue there, as with 5, and 6. Definitely same sig
in [4.3.1](https://osgi.org/javadoc/r4v43/core/index.html) as in 5 and 6. It changed in 4.x
versions, as [4.2](https://osgi.org/javadoc/r4v42/index.html) has the old one and 4.3 new.
You would think they would reserve such changes for 5, but guess not. Anyway this makes it
good from 4.3.1 up to 6, so should not be an issue again till 7.x in theory. Unless they make
a change in new versions of 4-6. Strange stuff...

Thanks for the modification and commit, no worries on preserving authorship but thanks for
that! 👍 
More to come!

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