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From Svet <notificati...@github.com>
Subject [jclouds/jclouds] Use separate credential stores per context (#1119)
Date Tue, 11 Jul 2017 09:25:26 GMT
With a shared credential store the configuration of one compute service leaks in all others,
causing the wrong credentials to be used when not overridden.

The particular problem this fixes - [Azure sets default username/password for images](https://github.com/jclouds/jclouds-labs/blob/master/azurecompute-arm/src/main/java/org/jclouds/azurecompute/arm/AzureComputeProviderMetadata.java#L98)
which leaks to other providers (through [GetLoginForProviderFromPropertiesAndStoreCredentialsOrReturnNull](https://github.com/jclouds/jclouds/blob/master/compute/src/main/java/org/jclouds/compute/config/GetLoginForProviderFromPropertiesAndStoreCredentialsOrReturnNull.java#L51)),
causing the wrong username/password to be used.
Even if the credentials are scoped to a specific provider in the map, it still will cause
cross-talk between differently configured compute services. The cache should only apply to
the current compute service.
You can view, comment on, or merge this pull request online at:


-- Commit Summary --

  * Use separate credential stores per context

-- File Changes --

    M core/src/main/java/org/jclouds/rest/config/CredentialStoreModule.java (11)
    M core/src/test/java/org/jclouds/rest/CredentialStoreModuleTest.java (42)

-- Patch Links --


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