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From Ignasi Barrera <notificati...@github.com>
Subject Re: [jclouds/jclouds-site] Blog post about linking Nova and Neutron (#209)
Date Wed, 07 Feb 2018 15:43:22 GMT
nacx commented on this pull request.

> +date: 2018-02-06 07:00:00+00:00
+layout: post
+slug: nova-neutron
+title: OpenStack Nova and Neutron
+One of the limitations of the jclouds implementation of the OpenStack Nova API is that is
was not able to directly talk to the Neutron service. It used legacy security group APIs to
manage access to instances, and there was no proper support for custom networking.
+Starting from Apache jclouds 2.1.0, an integration with OpenStack Neutron will be provided
and users will be able to configure their Nova APIs to interact with a custom Neutron deployment.
+<!-- more -->
+To achieve this, users will be able to use the recent **context linking** feature, where
APIs and providers that have dependencies between them can be *linked* so they can call each
other where needed.
+## Linking OpenStack Nova to Neutron
+Links between APIs and providers are done at *context* level. This isolates each individual
context and allows users to configure an independent set of properties for each one without
overlapping issues. The `ContextLinking.linkContext` and `ContextLinking.linkView` helper
methods can be used to easily link one context or view to another.

My intention was to use this post to explain the context linking feature and also announce
that Nova and neutron can now be linked together. Perhaps changing the post to "context linking
& nova & neutron" would make more sense, and describe the feature first, then how
it applies to nova?

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