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From Andrea Turli <notificati...@github.com>
Subject Re: [jclouds/jclouds-labs] [JCLOUDS-1430] Aliyun ECS (#443)
Date Thu, 02 Aug 2018 06:19:37 GMT
andreaturli commented on this pull request.

> +      this.instanceSuspendedPredicate = instanceSuspendedPredicate;
+      this.regionIds = regionIds;
+      this.cleanupResources = cleanupResources;
+   }
+   @Override
+   public NodeAndInitialCredentials<Instance> createNodeWithGroupEncodedIntoName(String
group, String name, Template template) {
+      String instanceType = template.getHardware().getId();
+      String regionId = template.getLocation().getId();
+      String imageId = template.getImage().getId();
+      ECSServiceTemplateOptions templateOptions = template.getOptions().as(ECSServiceTemplateOptions.class);
+      String keyPairName = templateOptions.getKeyPairName();
+      String securityGroupId = Iterables.getOnlyElement(templateOptions.getGroups());
+      String vSwitchId = templateOptions.getVSwitchId();

@nacx that's a fair point, but I think the best we can do is to `checkNotNull` vSwitchId.
In fact, the automatic creation of a vSwitch requires the creation of a VPC as well, which
could be handled as VPC api and vSwitch api are quite straightforward *but* which require
a number of details: ZoneId, CidrBlock, VpcId and RegionId of course.

Those details are *not* related to the `Template` IMHO but are related to the environment
where you want to deploy the VM, so passing the vswitch details in the templateOptions doesn't
seem right to me.
Conversely, making a lot of assumptions on behalf of the user to create a reasonably sensible
`vSwitch` sounds unreliable and potentially not satisfying for the end-user anyway.

Notice also that a fresh aliyun account comes with no VPC or vSwitch at all so there's no
default value to be used here, unfortunately.


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