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From Joshua Dotson <j...@wrale.com>
Subject Cinder-backed OpenStack instance booting
Date Wed, 15 May 2013 22:26:09 GMT

Using jclouds against OpenStack Folsom, I would like to boot from a Cinder
volume, which is pre-populated with an existing instance image.  The
provider functionality mirrors what is known in AWS as an 'EBS-Backed AMI'
(see: http://bit.ly/101OnX9).  Please let me know if jclouds provides this
ability or could in the future.  Once I find implementation in jclouds, I
plan to petition the Cloudify project to expose that ability, via jclouds,
which they already use.

Here is a post by one of the main OpenStack developers which details how
the EBS-backed experience is presently implemented in OpenStack.  He
demostrates two alternatives: snapshot-based and image-based volume
creation.  Either or both are fine for me.


Here is the official documentation of this ability:

Here is an example of the curl API calls used to do the Cinder-backed
image-based volume creation and machine boot-time attachment.  The calls
can be done as a non-admin user.


Please note the delete on terminate configuration for such volume-backed
booting.  I'd like to see the following attributes brought into jclouds'
implementation of this:

> A device name where the volume will be attached in the system at /dev/*
> dev_name*. This value is typically vda.
> id
> The ID of the volume to boot from, as shown in the output of *nova
> volume-list*.
> type
> This is either snap, which means that the volume was created from a
> snapshot, or anything other than snap (a blank string is valid). In the
> example above, the volume was not created from a snapshot, so we will leave
> this field blank in our example below.
> size (GB)
> The size of the volume, in GB. It is safe to leave this blank and have the
> Compute service infer the size.
> delete_on_terminate
> A boolean to indicate whether the volume should be deleted when the
> instance is terminated. True can be specified as Trueor 1. False can be
> specified as False or 0.
>  [image: [Note]] Note
> Because of bug #1163566 <https://bugs.launchpad.net/nova/+bug/1163566>
> , you must specify an image when booting from a volume in Horizon, even
> though this image will not be used.
Please let me know if you have any questions or comments.


Joshua Dotson
Founder, Wrale Ltd

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