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From Paolo Viotti <paolo.vio...@eurecom.fr>
Subject Re: Multipart parallel uploads.
Date Mon, 05 Aug 2013 08:47:17 GMT
Thank you for the explanation.
I've created an issue on Jira (not sure all the fields are properly 
filled..): https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/JCLOUDS-227

Best regards

On 02/08/2013 17:33, Andrew Phillips wrote:
>> Also: can someone confirm that at the moment only Swift and S3 support
>> this kind of upload strategy?
> Actually, Azure was recently added [1]. But yes, as far as I am aware 
> only Swift and S3 beyond that have multipart support right now.
>> So the MultipartUploadStrategy is associated with the 
>> SequentialMultipartUploadStrategy, instead of 
>> ParallelMultipartUploadStrategy: why..?
> I don't know exactly - I suspect the idea was that if you wanted 
> jclouds to do thread management you'd use the async blobstore. You 
> should still be able to use that for 1.6.1-incubating 
> (ctx.getAsyncBlobStore() rather than ctx.getBlobStore()), but the 
> method is indeed deprecated.
> I'm not sure what the planned future for 
> ParallelMultipartUploadStrategy is once the async blobstore goes away. 
> Could you create a JIRA issue that asks for parallel multipart uploads 
> to be supported via the S3 blobstore API in 1.7? Then we can continue 
> the discussion there.
> Hope this helps!
> ap
> [1] https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/JCLOUDS-161

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