Actually, the filter should be returning every template that's executable, across all projects, etc...I don't think the project id is the issue, I think the issue is that your templates aren't marked as executable.


On Wed, Jul 31, 2013 at 5:20 PM, Mohan Baruwal Chhetri <> wrote:
Hi Andrew,

I haven't tried the TemplateApi directly, but on examining the listTemplates method, the query parameters are 'command:listTemplates' and 'listall:true' and 'templatefilter:true'

If I use ComputeService to listImages(), I get only the public templates which are:

10:12:30.810 [main] DEBUG a.e.s.s.cloudconnect.CloudConnector - bfbfd106-1f2c-4401-8bfb-c0d4db22be1a, ninefold_app_template
10:12:30.810 [main] DEBUG a.e.s.s.cloudconnect.CloudConnector - 1173bd05-a251-4f24-8aa1-ada42b70a043, CentOS 6.4
10:12:30.810 [main] DEBUG a.e.s.s.cloudconnect.CloudConnector - 2943770f-51fc-47b2-b211-74344dc84cf8, Debian 7.0
10:12:30.810 [main] DEBUG a.e.s.s.cloudconnect.CloudConnector - 23e4dc75-8fd3-4659-8724-276349a037e0, Ubuntu 13.04
10:12:30.810 [main] DEBUG a.e.s.s.cloudconnect.CloudConnector - d26ba567-63e0-4563-9d5f-349e9fc18a2c, Ubuntu 12.10
10:12:30.810 [main] DEBUG a.e.s.s.cloudconnect.CloudConnector - 3008bb3b-73ab-4436-a781-e3070245a2a9, Ubuntu 12.04.2 LTS
10:12:30.811 [main] DEBUG a.e.s.s.cloudconnect.CloudConnector - 6c2a1750-c5fd-4861-8b33-3232009b9156, Fedora 18
10:12:30.812 [main] DEBUG a.e.s.s.cloudconnect.CloudConnector - 333e5e38-25eb-4a5d-a72e-aaae7a20d883, CentOS 6.3
10:12:30.812 [main] DEBUG a.e.s.s.cloudconnect.CloudConnector - 09c74deb-45bb-4ba5-84aa-93b9558a5588, Windows 2008 R2 - Enterprise
10:12:30.812 [main] DEBUG a.e.s.s.cloudconnect.CloudConnector - 04ab04ce-7587-48c2-9892-58b7615a3dd5, Windows 2012 - DataCentre
10:12:30.812 [main] DEBUG a.e.s.s.cloudconnect.CloudConnector - 35a0bb4f-7a7a-4f4c-bf9b-6536596c0825, Ninefold App Template

The reason for this is the way the query is constructed: - this only returns public templates.

I have written a wrapper for the CloudStack API which correctly constructs the query as follows:<id>&apiKey=<key>&signature=<signature>

This correctly returns the templates that I own in addition to the public templates.

So, what is happening is that the listTemplates() method requires an additional parameter 'projectid' in order to retrieve the private templates. At the moment this is missing.


On Thu, Aug 1, 2013 at 10:09 AM, Andrew Phillips <> wrote:
But in the CloudStackAPI, it says that we need to specify the project id as
well in order to get details of the private templates. The above query
retrieves only the public templates.

I can't see any explicit support for private templates, but the TemplateApi [1] comments do seem to talk about them - have you been able to use the listTemplates() command or the updateTemplatePermissions() to check whether jclouds can find them?