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From Andrew Phillips <andr...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Is JCloud vCloud-related lib thread-safe?
Date Tue, 05 Nov 2013 15:24:51 GMT
> I was just asking the question if the jcloud api for vCloud is thead-safe,
> given that the VMware's own Java SDK binding  for vCloud is not.
> (No Java SDK binding  for vCloud involved here :) in the pom)

Sorry, I didn't formulate my answer clearly enough. I obviously don't  
know if the vCloud API *itself* is inherently not thread-safe - in  
that case, I don't think jclouds is doing anything magical to fix that.

But if the lack of thread safety is in the *Java SDK binding* (by  
which I'm presuming we're referring to VMware's own Java libraries to  
talk to the vCloud API), then I don't think jclouds should be affected  
since it doesn't use VMware's Java libraries in its implementation.

Does that make more sense? Or am I misunderstanding the question here?


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