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From Andrew Phillips <andr...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Chef API - whew a bit messy ;)
Date Fri, 22 Nov 2013 05:35:52 GMT
> Frustration galore...I figured out the POM should be as below, but   
> but but, BootstrapConfig is missing, so the tutorial   
> at http://jclouds.apache.org/documentation/quickstart/chef/ is way   
> ahead of its time seems like...

The user guide is indeed "ahead of its time" with respect to the 1.6.x  
release branch - BootstrapConfig is an addition that will be part of  
1.7. Since the API has seen quite some changes since 1.6.2-incubating,  
I'd recommend you try the 1.7.0-SNAPSHOT if you can. The dependency  
for that is:


You'll need to add the Apache snapshots repo [1] to your POM to get  
hold of that.

If you need to use 1.6.2-incubating, the dependency should be pretty  
much the same:


This one is in Maven Central [2]. Try an older version of the Chef  
guide [3] for some sample code.

If you're still running into difficulties, please put your POM, the  
code you're trying to compile, and any errors, into a Gist or Pastie  
and send them to the mailing list.

Obviously, improvement suggestions for the docs are always welcome [4]!


[1] https://github.com/jclouds/jclouds-chef/blob/master/project/pom.xml#L59
[4] https://wiki.apache.org/jclouds/How%20to%20Contribute%20Documentation

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