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From Sumit Gaur <sumitkg...@gmail.com>
Subject Jclouds Performance issue
Date Fri, 10 Jan 2014 01:14:16 GMT
Hi ,
I want to understand the modification for JClouds internal threads
properties. I saw below 3 major properties that can help to improve
the TPSfor SWIFT
Bloblstore connectivity via JClouds.

 Properties overrides = new Properties();
 overrides.setProperty(PROPERTY_IO_WORKER_THREADS, "40");
 overrides.setProperty(PROPERTY_SCHEDULER_THREADS, "20");
 overrides.setProperty(PROPERTY_USER_THREADS, "0"); //assuming unlimited

Please let me know from internal architecture point of view if my thinking
is correct ?  As I am not seeing any difference in number of requests
served by SWIFT through JClouds by increasing above propertie's value.

My client is able to get more TPS if I increase number of clients threads
(that means Jclouds+Swift can give me more bandwidth) But keeping client
threads as 1 and increasing above properties is not helping.
Am I missing something obvious ?

 *Java Client <-> Jclouds <-> openstack SWIFT Blobstore*

Also I assumes

Jclouds has internal architecture for processing requests as below

*User threads <----Queue---> Scheduler threds <----Queue-----> IO threads*


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